I shot these promotional images for the first season of Awakening in 2016, presented by MUST and directed by Daniel Lammin. 
This was one of the first promotional shoots I ever did and had no access to proper lighting, so members of the crew held phone torches to light the shoot. It was exciting and ridiculous and challenging and just so much fun. The images we produced - while not my most technically impressive, having learned a lot about lighting since - are still some of my favourites to this day for the way they capture the show with honesty and emotion.

Pictured: Samantha Hafey-Bagg

Pictured: James Malcher

Pictured: Eamonn Johnson

Pictured: Nicola Dupree

Pictured: Imogen Walsh

Pictured: Samuel Porter and Eamonn Johnson

Pictured: James Malcher and Samantha Hafey-Bagg

Nicola Dupree
Samantha Hafey-Bagg
Eamonn Johnson
James Malcher
Sam Porter
Imogen Walsh

Writer/Director - Daniel Lammin
Assistant Directors - Stephen Amos and Krystal Gayton
Dramaturg - Liam Fergeus
Production and Stage Manager - Kate Brennan
Assistant Production Manager - Valerie Tan
Assistant Stage Managers - Alanah Allen and Douglas Rintoul
Lighting Design - Shaun Haney
Set Design - Julia Kaddatz
Costume Design - Charmian Sim
Sound Design - Sam Porter
PR & Marketing Manager - Sian Halloran
Marketing Assistant - Grant Napitupulu
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