Shot for Monash Uni Student Theatre's production of Next to Normal in 2017.
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Diana Goodman: Niamh Hassett
Dan Goodman: Jonathan Carter
Natalie Goodman: Alana Dare
Gabe Goodman: Darcy Myring
Henry: Henry Hulstrom
Dr. Madden / Dr. Fine: Reilly Holt

Keys & Rehearsal Pianist: Luke Drohan
Guitar: Arthur Xafis
Bass: Michael Beards
Percussion/Kit: Caitlin Ashleigh Thomas
Violin: Amogh Ananth
Cello: Gill Lee
Synth: Eliza Mason

Director: Stephen Amos
Musical Director : William Yates
Assistant Director & Choreographer: Diane Pereira
Production Manager: Catriona Cowie
Assistant Production Manager: Ashley Lam
Stage Manager: Alicia Doyle
Assistant Stage Managers: Monique Cheng & Rosie Watt
Set Designer: Jason Lehane
Assistant Set Designer: Charlotte Armstrong
Lighting Designer: John Collopy
Assistant Lighting Designer & Operator: Shannon Brown
Costume Designer: Aleeah Gabriel
Marketing Manager: Emily Shelmerdine
Assistant Marketing Manager: Declan Dempster
Sound Mixer & Operator: Jimmy Ying
Graphic Designer: Maria Veresova
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